Questa strana storia

In a series of allegorical images, the love story of a man and a woman unfolds.

Per un’ora d’amore

Naples. Pasquale survives doing odd jobs in his neighbourhood. He must now come to terms with the loss of the person dearest to him: his wife.


Retired teacher Filippo is afflicted with sorrow over the loss of his wife. He decides to take his life – but then someone knocks at the door.

La Macchina Americana

Da quando i suoi genitori sono morti in un incidente, Totò vive dagli zii e a dirla tutta non si trova troppo bene.

La Macchina Americana

Since the death of his parents in an accident, Toto has lived with his aunt and uncle and it honest isn't working out too well.

Facing off

A woman decides to have cosmetic surgery, seeking to change her life.

Con il bene di sempre

Michele, a worker in a factory doomed to closure, must face the hardship of the loss of his livelihood. A final day with his dignity as a worker.


Enrico Iannaccone is a Neapolitan director and musician.


L'impossibilità di scattare una fotografia rappresenta, per un fotografo, l'inizio della fine.

Ancora uno

Matteo takes his wife's murderer hostage; but before exacting his revenge he sits down in front of the killer and begins questioning him.




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