Cronaca di un amore

Wealthy industrialist Enrico Fontana hires a detective to investigate the past of his young wife Paola, to whom he has been married for seven years.

MAYOR (Il maggiore)

On a cold winter day Sergey Sobolev, a Major in a local police station, is driving to the hospital where his wife is about to give birth to their chil


Lorenz Meran, forty, gay and a successful author, has acute writer's block.


Morando Ebert is a film critic who died before his marriage took place, apparently after entering an abandoned cinema.

La Recita

Middle school student Denise is an introverted girl who is mocked by her classmates because of her family problems and her shyness.


At the beginning of the school year a new student arrives.


For a few days now Carlo has been staring out the window until late, gazing at a billboard that advertises exotic seas.




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