Il mestiere più antico del mondo

"Il mestiere più antico del mondo" (The oldest profession in the world) is a web series produced by KinemaZOne ("Travel Companions"

Welcome back to Naples

Two Russian tourists in Naples witness scenes that seem completely out of the ordinary – and then realise that not everything is quite as it seems.


A young guy tries to win over a 'standard issue' girl in a society that is increasingly technological and removed from its humanity.

Pinocchio nel Terzo Millennio

A parody of a hard-hitting TV investigative report focuses on a start-up and discusses a new app for mobile phones and tablets called "Pinocchio&

Parte di te

The story focuses on a fourteen-year-old couple, Marco and Sara. On St. Valentine's day, both their lives will go through a huge change.

Un incontro inaspettato

This is the story of a Romanian woman's attempts to find work in Italy – and the difficulties she encounters mainly because she is a foreigner an

La gatta Cenerentola

Based on the eponymous play by Roberto De Simone. Cinderella lives in Naples and is treated harshly by her stepmother and stepsisters.


At the beginning of the school year a new student arrives.

Don Giovanni Apollo

Apollo is the most beautiful god in Olympus and likes to seduce all the nymphs of the woods.




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