Il manifesto cinematografico: A ciascuno il suo

On the occasion of the 18th edition of the Napoli Film Festival, the Guildenstern Gallery (Vico Equense - Naples) is glad to present the exhibition called “The film poster: to each his own".

Non voltarti indietro

An accountant, a post office employee, a fashion designer, a city council member, a public employee.

Wide blue delivery

The Republic of Brazil freighter makes a route between Italy, the Mediterranean Sea and West Africa.


An American middle-aged woman suddenly discovers her true origins only after her parents’ death.

L'ombelico magico

In a small tourist town of Versilia, in the north of Tuscany, squeezed between rural traditions and a sumptuous high society, an unusual meeting betwe

Al di là del risultato

Formia is a small town, a narrow strip of land squeezed between the sea and the mountains.

Incontri Ravvicinati: Manetti Bros.

Saranno proiettati estratti dal film di prossima uscita Nun è Napule




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