Scherza con i fanti

The documentary wants to be both a tragicomic journey into the recent history of Italy and a universal hymn to peace, but above all it proposes itself

La freccia del tempo

Raffaele loves two things in life: Alice and ...


It is the story of a 60yo woman, married forty with Igor from Slovenia. Their bond has survived negative moments that have cooled their marriage.

Il Signor Diavolo

Early 50s. Furio, a Roman official of the Ministry of Justice, has in his hands a regrettable and delicate case of murder.


A retired professor is sitting at a table in an outdoor bar on a nice sunny day. The waitress brings him breakfast.

Casa d'altri

Starting from the earthquake in Amatrice on 24 August 2016, the prefabricated houses donated to the affected population are shown first and then the l

Dance Again with Me Heywood!

It is a fairy tale set in contemporary Manhattan between pure fiction and documentary.




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