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La Cantata dei Pastori

Razzullo is a scrivener hired by the Emperor Augusto to take a census of all the Empire citizens, who is keeping on looking for stratagems which allow

Pastorale Cilentana

Agrarian environment in the mid-14th century. Vineyards and olive tree groves extend as far as the eye can see.


"Costellazioni" follows three circus performers out of the spotlight.

La smorfia

After suffering a stroke that has left his face in a paralysed grimace, elderly Neapolitan singer Carmine is now wheelchair bound for life.

Mr j

They say that dreams are kept in drawers, but sometimes a case can hold the bigger ones.

Mezzanotte di segni

In a small room overlooking the Bay of Naples, a young designer suspended in time and in the night faces the eternal struggle of the artist who tries

Facing off

A woman decides to have cosmetic surgery, seeking to change her life.




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