Vieni a vivere a Napoli!

Edoardo De Angelis signed with Guido Lombardi and Francesco Prisco "Magnificent Shock", one of the three episodes of the film, which faces i


Perez is a lawyer who defends the last, the losers, often as an office attorney.

Mozzarella Stories

The Casertan businessman Ciccio "Dop" celebrates in big style his liberation after a prison sentence for killing an antagonist with a whip f


Life can be very difficult in the suurbs of Rome with a failed marriage and a 8-year-old girl, like Barbara, to grow, even if your name is Fortunata (

Nessuno si salva da solo

A long secret dinner in a restaurant, like two clandestine lovers, combines and divides in continuous bickering two spouses with children, in the cont

Venuto al mondo

A trip to Sarajevo in 2009, with his adolescent son Pietro, becomes for Gemma a recall of a painful past, discovering a cathartic unknown truth.

Non ti muovere

A tragic motorcycle accident endangers the life of a fifteen-year-old girl. She is the daughter of a surgeon, Timothy.

Hans Werner Henze: la musica, l’amicizia, il gioco

The documentary is a journey through a restless life, the life of a man possessed by music, his artistic and existential journey, between momentary wa

'A Livella di Totò

To celebrate the metaphor between life and death, Nello Mascia decided to set up a short film about the famous poem of Totò 'A livella with Franc

Due per la strada

Mark and Joanna met while traveling for Europe with hitchhiking. They live together a period of great happiness and then marry.




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