Titta is a cook in Chikù, an Italian-Roma restaurant where eight women from Scampia work.

Tempo Pieno

""Tempo Pieno" tells of an "extra-ordinary"experience in a state school.


The life of an elderly family in a provincial town is marked out by the usual rituals.


Inspired by the bucolic mood evoked by the eponymous poem by Raffaele Viviani, "Primitivamente" is a journey into the past and present of Ac


Giuseppe listens to a radio broadcast of a priest calling for missionaries for Africa. That day changes his life forever.

La parte che resta

Modena, San Cataldo district. The Caritas Open Door centre is located between the cemetery and the railway tracks.

Normale la vita

Federica Paganelli is a 20 year old girl suffering from a rare and little known disease: spinal muscular atrophy or Werdnig-Hoffmann disease.

Napoletani en Barcelona

Chiara is a supporter of Naples football club, Matthew is a researcher, Alex is a pizza maker and Diego is a restaurant owner.

Costa d’angolo

During the era of the Republic of Amalfi, Maiori was the centre of maritime trade.

Mario Pagliaro Design

The documentary tells of Mario Pagliaro, a young designer who was born and works in Naples in southern Italy.




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