Mai per sempre

It’s the story of friendship, love and an eternal struggle between good and evil.


A bittersweet comedy about one man's pursuit of a dream no more ridiculous than the times we live in, "Denmark" sees a down-on-his-luck


Aleksi, a 28yo, who is stuck under her parents roof, ignores pressing responsabilities and follows her impulses with various men, figuring out how to


As children Martin and Eric went to the lake every Sunday. And as children they fell in love with the same girl, Frenni.

Fanny & Alexander

Uppsala, 1907. In the Swedish province, a wealthy bourgeois family celebrates Christmas in Grandma Helena's home.

Scene da un matrimonio

Marianne and Johan are a couple of forty years old, married for ten years.

Jeannette, l'enfance de Jeanne d'Arc

In France in 1425, animated by mystical visions, little Jeannette grazes sheep in the village of Domrémy.


Flanders today. Demester is a young breeder who has sexual relations with Barbe, of whom maybe is in love.

Ma Loute

Summer 1910, North of France. Numerous tourists disappeared while relaxing on the beautiful Normandy beaches.




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