The last of you

A short script written and directed with twenty children at a school in the province of Naples, as part of the filmap project.

Più giù, entro le mura

A beautifully composed panoramic view of the Gulf of Naples leads to a sequence of different low-level perspectives accompanied by live sound.

Passerà notte

Naples, 1942. The Iovine family survive as best they can in the difficult years of World War II.

Outside school hours

A girl decides to hide inside her school building with the intention of altering documents relating to a prize school trip to London meant for certain

Orti Sociali, una ricetta per il recupero di suoli agricoli

"It is essential to recover and re-use abandoned and uncultivated land and reduce overbuilding.

Notre Dame de Ponticelli

Maria was abandoned by her mother as a child and grew up in the belfry of a church under the care of Father Claudio.

Lotta di classe

A group of kids in a Naples high school discuss and recount the complex situation regarding their occupation of a school in a disadvantaged neighbourh

Le faremo sapere

Raffaele is a kid who, like many others, wants to make it in the film business. All the auditions he goes to turn out the same.

C’è qualcuno là fuori?

A boy lives locked in his room surrounded by his computer, phones and video games.

Appunti sulla fine del mondo

In a world where time is in limbo, a group of young people flee from something unknown to them, each of them in their own way facing up to the possibl




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