Il Natale di Lia

Lia is a girl making final preparations for Christmas Eve dinner; but the guests' expectations will be upset by a strange visit – one that will r

Il continente fantasma

Arturo, a thirty-five year-old aspiring writer, still lives with his family and spends his mornings playing table tennis with a friend who is much mor


Veronica is twenty and is imprisoned in a huge, obese body. At a disco she gets picked on by a boy, who teases because of her physical appearance.

L'amore è un segno

Ciro e Margherita si amano, ma hanno un problema di comunicazione che li costringe a servirsi di un terzo come tramite, Emondo.

Ci devo pensare

Davide, a guy form Naples, is about thirty years old and works – as best as he can – in a furniture factory.

La nostra terra

Siamo in Puglia. Nicola Sansone viene arrestato e il suo podere e gli ettari di tearra gli vengono confiscati.

A Napoli non piove mai

Barnaba does not get on very well with his father, because he cannot find a permanent job; he does not get on very well with his girlfriend because sh

Short Skin- I dolori del giovane Edo

Edoardo is seventeen years old, lives in Pisa and has a big problem with his genital member; the foreskin is too tight and prevents him from having se


Stories told by young and old men, gathered and questioned by the author-director who, at the opposite of Pier Paolo Pasolini (who was looking for the


Fred is 54 year old and lives alone.




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