4 Giorni di Maggio

International title: 
4 Tage im Mai
di Achim von Borries (Ger/Rus/Ucr, 2011, 97') Venerdì 28 h 20,30 Institut Français Napoli - Sala Dumas Four days before the end of the Second World War in Germany. The world is holding its breath. A Soviet Captain and his patrol have occupied an orphanage by the sea; a German army unit is camped on the beach; a secret love affair blooms against all odds. Everyone is weary of fighting, except for the thirteenyear-old orphan Peter, who wants to prove that he is a hero and tries with all his cunning and power to instigate trouble between the opposing troops until he finds a fatherly friend in the supposed enemy and has to learn that the real opponent is lurking elsewhere. This time the boundary lines don't run between friend and foe, but between good and evil



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