Cover-Boy: L'ultima rivoluzione

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Cover-Boy: L'ultima rivoluzione
di Carmine Amoroso (Ita, 2006, 93') Mer 13 h 19.15 "Cover-boy" is the story of the friendship between Ioan and Michele, respectively Romanian and Italian. The serendipitous encounter of two worlds apart: the travails of a young man, son of the Post-Communist Revolution, who flees his country in search of a better future and the travails of another youth who instead scrapes along the margins of a Western society that is unable to offer gainful employment to so much of its youth. In the background of this rapport between a simple Romanian youth and his marginalized Italian counterpart, there is a West which on one side is still reeling from the collapse of the Communist ideology and on the other, in the clutches of a Capitalist myth which has increasingly assumed, as it propulsive force, harsh competitiveness and an intensification of social inequality.



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