Cowboy Angels

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Cowboy Angels
di Kim Massee (Fra, 2007, 89') v.o., sott. it.; Ven 15 h 17.30 In Paris, Pablo, 11 years old, lives with his mother in a cheap hotel. He spends his days in cafes, putting up with his mother and her dissolute life. Abandoned by her on a week-end, he decides to go looking for his father. So he bribes Louis, an aimless poker player met in a bar, to drive him to Spain. The unwilling "chauffeur" tries to dump the boy on the way, but to no avail. The search leads to the mother's various ex-boyfriends, none of which could possibly substitute for a father…Two guys on the road. Bad boys? Angels? Two cowboys drifting along in search of a home. Or is it just a friend they are looking for? Someone for whom one finally counts, a reason for becoming somebody. "A personal film,human, honest and hopefull".



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