Sin ti

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Sin ti
di Raimon Masllorens (Spa. 2006, 91') v.o., sott. it.; Gio 14 h 17.30 Lucía slips in the bath in an absurd accident while Toni, her husband, is getting into bed, her daughter Alba chatting to a friend on the phone and Sergio, the little one, stuffing himself with pizza in front of his computer. No-one ever thinks about going blind. Lucía doesn't either and the doctor's diagnostic signifies the end for her. She can no longer paint, her great passion, can't look at the sea, or watch her children growing up. She'll never again be able to escape from a life she hated. Blindness is like falling into a coffin while you're alive. Lucía thinks she'll suffocate, feels like she'll die. She begins a journey into herself, discovering what she couldn't see before about her own life.



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