Il vento fa il suo giro

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Il vento fa il suo giro
di Giorgio Diritti (Ita, 2005, 110') Dom 17 h 19.00 Chersogno is a small village in the western Italian Alps. The settlement is kept alive by a few elderly inhabitants and a fleeting summer tourist industry. A French shepherd arrives in the village, accompanied by his young family, his goats and the paraphernalia of his cheese-making business. The townsfolk welcome him warmly, though not with open arms, and it seems that his arrival may herald a possible new beginning for the village. However as time goes on, living conditions in the become harder, misunderstandings occur, attitudes harden and the seed of jealously is planted. Some of the inhabitants begin to feel this new presence is just a little to intrusive, and a series of events lead the village to split in two.



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