Talking about films ... across the table Cinegustologia® Event of 30 September at 20:30 Cantina San Teodoro, Naples

Have you ever noticed that after watching a romantic comedy, you've described it as sweet and tender? Or after watching a drama, you've called it hard and bitter? In both cases you have called on two senses (touch and taste) that would have little to do with the cinema, if it weren't for the fact that we - in an attempt to broaden the way we communicate our feelings - have called them into use. Marco Lombardi's Cinegustologia® was started for this reason, because if a film has its own flavours, textures and smells as well, then we can associate (not match) it with a dish or a wine we believe has the same sensory characteristics. It is with this subjective approach that for many years Marco Lombardi has held "cinegustology" events all over Italy, and this same approach will be used on 30 Sept at the restaurant of emerging chef Mimmo Alba (Cantina San Teodoro: ) There will be a dinner where the dishes will be' cinegustologically' associated with three of the directors honoured this year by the Napoli Film Festival:  Eduardo De Filippo, Vittorio De Sica and Massimo Troisi. Take part to believe it! (08118990558). Meanwhile, for those who want to know more, there is a website ( with information, reviews, events and press releases relating to Cinegustologia®.




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