Europa & Mediterraneo 17





As part of the seventeenth edition of the Napoli Film Festival, organized by the Associazione Napolicinema, a competition is being established for feature films produced in the Europa and Mediterranean area.




Feature films, without preclusion of type or style, will be considered eligible for participation in the Festival. The films must have been majority produced by a producer/producers established in Europa and Mediterranean countries. All films presented must have been completed after January 1, 2015.




Participation in the competition is by invitation or direct request. The request for submission to the competition must be made through the official submission form (Annex 1). Those parties that wish to participate in the selection process must complete and send the submission form to the Selection Committee no later than 8th July 2017.

Enrolment to the competition is free of charge.

The Festival’s Artistic Management Committee will select the films for participation in the competition. Their judgement will be final.

To be considered, the submission request must be sent with:

  1. DVD disc (zone 2 or universal format),

  2. CD/DVD with:

  3. press book (film synopsis, Director’s biography and complete filmography),

  4. still photographs of the Director and the film (jpeg 300 dpi);

  5. 30/60” trailer on DVD.

The submitted material will not be returned. The DVD copy will be kept in the Napoli Film Festival archive, exclusively for study purposes.




All the above mentioned material has to be received without fail and with no cost for the Napoli Film Festival, no later than 8th July 2017. The following customs declaration must be written on the outer surface of all packaging: “CULTURAL MATERIAL OF NO COMMERCIAL VALUE – EXCLUSIVELY FOR CULTURAL USE”. Send submissions to:


NAPOLI FILM FESTIVAL • comitato di selezione FILM

Piazza Immacolata 4

80129 napoli (ITALY)




The Napoli Film Festival Selection Committee will select up to 6 films and will inform the selected participants of their choice by no later than 31st July 2017.

The film makers admitted to the competition must guarantee submission of a copy for the international market (non-submission will result in exclusion from the competition), in the original language with subtitles in Italian, French or English.

An electronic copy of the dialogues in Italian, French or English for dubbing/subtitling has to be submitted no later than 6th August 2017 as well as a 30/60” film clip (DVD disc zone 2 or universal).

The Napoli Film Festival organizers reserve the right to schedule selected films at the date, time and location of their choice.

The selected films may be subject of debate and exhibitions that will take place in the months following the Festival. As such, the Management will make agreements with the entitled parties.




The Napoli Film Festival Committee will appoint a jury composed of Italian buyers and personalities from the cinema and cultural world, with the exclusion of those parties that have collaborated in the creation of the films in competition or who have an interest in the use of such films.

The jury, during their first meeting, will elect the President from among its members. The President’s vote, in the following ballots, will count double in case of parity.

The Napoli Film Festival Management will support the Jury with the exclusive function of assistance in the matters of Regulations and praxis. The Jury’s decisions are final and indisputable.




The selected films will run for

  • The Vesuvio Award (bronze statuette).

  • Augustus Color Award: Consisting of 5 DCP to be used for the Italian distribution of the winning feature film;

  • Avanti! Award by The company "Lab 80 film": The prize consist in the acquisition of the movie for distribution in Italy by Lab 80 film, after reaching economic agreement with the rights holders .




The participants will pay for shipping costs for the selection material; the participants will also pay for the publicity, informative and photographic costs of the films.

The Napoli Film Festival will pay for the shipping costs of the 35mm copies selected, with a courier selected by the Management. A specific code number will be given to the participants. It is essential that a correct and complete return address for the copy is specified at the time of submission.

International shipping packages must include the following customs statement on the outer surface of the package: “CULTURAL MATERIAL OF NO COMMERCIAL VALUE – EXCLUSIVELY FOR CULTURAL USE”. Packages sent by postal service or express courier, from countries residing outside the European Community, must be accompanied by a pro-forma invoice for a value no greater than 10US$.




The Festival’s Management guarantees insurance coverage “against all risks” for the films’ layover period at the screening premises. However, the insurance value of the films can not be greater than the laboratory cost of a standard copy. Beyond this, every possible measure will be taken to protect the copyright of the films entrusted to the Festival.




The Rules and Regulations are written in Italian and English. Any disputes over the interpretation of the individual articles of the Regulations will be based on the original Italian version.

The request to participate in the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of and compliance with the Rules and Regulations. It is the responsibility of the directors, distributors or other parties who present feature films to guarantee that they are legitimately authorized to submit the films to the Festival. The directors, distributors or other parties who present a feature film jointly with the authors must release a written statement duly signed, in appendix to the submission form, in which they clarify, under their own responsibility, the registration of the copyright utilization of the film and for the payment of the prizes.

Any matters not contemplated in the Rules and Regulations are the competence of the organizing association’s Board of Directors, which has the power to make exceptions to the Rules and Regulations in particular and justifiable cases.




Any controversy that should arise between the participants and the Napolifilmfestival Napoli Film Festival must be transferred to the indisputable decision of a board of arbitration, formed by three amicable composer arbitrators, who will judge “ex bono et æquo”, without formality of procedure (excepting contradictory cases between parties) within 60 days of their appointment. Their resolution will be adopted as the agreement reached by the parties. Each party will nominate one arbitrator and the third will be nominated by the first two or if agreement is not reached, by the President of the Court of Naples (Tribunale di Napoli) who will also nominate the arbitrator for the party that has not done so.




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