In Purgatorio

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In Purgatorio
di Giovanni Cioni (2009, 72') In 1652 Naples was overrun by the plague. The bodies of the its victims were laid to rest in the Fontanelle Cemetery, where thousands of bones appear to be waiting for a gesture of pity or compassion or affection. In exchange for the kindness of living persons who adopt a skull, the dead reveal themselves in their dreams. A search of lost time that is a meditation on the remains of that which we no longer see and which continues to palpitate among the undulations of the gaze and the conscience. It is a journey never before seen, through the alleyways of the Tribunali, the Quartieri Spagnoli, the Sanità, Montesanto, the Cemetary of Poggioreale, and the Limbo of children. The heartof the Kingdom of Naples Watch the trailer



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