7 dias en La Habana

EP. EL YUMA (MONDAY) Directed by Benicio Del Toro Teddy wants to become a famous actor, so he goes to Cuba to study acting.

Chaotic Ana

The story of Ana's four adventurous years of travels from the age of 18 to 22 years.

Lucia y el sexo

Lucia, a waitress in a Madrid restaurant, decides to leave for the island of Formentera in search of tranquillity.

La ardilla roja (Lo scoiattolo rosso)

On a winter's night in San Sebastian, musical group leader Jota is considering suicide.

Vacas (Vacche)

Three generations in the lives of two families in a small valley, and the ever-present undercurrents of violence, rivalry and visceral passions.

Deserto Rosso

Giuliana has attempted suicide and has been in a psychiatric clinic for a time.

La notte

The story begins in Milan. Lidia is married to Giovanni, a famous writer.


A group of friends go on a boat trip to Lisca Bianca in the Aeolian Islands.

Le amiche

Clelia decides to open a Turin branch of a Rome fashion salon, thus giving herself the chance to return to her home town.

I vinti

Divided into three episodes and based on current events, the film was a nightmare for Antonioni, what with the producers on the one hand and the censo




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