Julio Medem

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Credits principali

Production company: 
Laurent Baudens, Didar Domehri Alvaro Longoria, Gael Nouaille, Fabien Pisani

Cast e credits

Josh Hutcherson, Emir Kusturica, Vladimir Cruz, Daniel Brühl, Elia Suleiman,Melvis Estévez, Othello Renzoli, Melissa Rivera

7 dias en La Habana

International title: 
Spagna, Francia, Cuba
Year of production: 
2 012
EP. EL YUMA (MONDAY) Directed by Benicio Del Toro Teddy wants to become a famous actor, so he goes to Cuba to study acting. There he meets a guy called Anger, a taxi driver who is actually an engineer. Teddy ends up at a party where he gets drunk and gets off with a woman. But back at the hotel he sees her ID card – and realises she's a man. EP. JAM SESSION (TUESDAY) Directed by Pablo Trapero Film director Emir Kusturica is invited to Havana to receive an award. He gets drunk before the award ceremony and his driver helps him to smarten up. But instead of attending the dinner in his honour, he goes to sees his driver's band. He offers them the job of doing the soundtrack for his next film. EP. LA TENTAZIONE DI CECILIA/THE TEMPTATION OF CECILIA (WEDNESDAY) Directed by Julio Medem Businessman Leonardo promises Afro-Cuban singer Cecilia that he'll give her her big break in Spain. The two are attracted to each other and they go to a hotel. While she's in the hotel bathroom, she hears the man talk about her disparagingly and so she slips out without being noticed. She meets her boyfriend José who is about to go to baseball training, but she can't forget about Leonardo. When he finds her and apologises she goes off with him but they meet Jose, who reacts violently. EP. DIARIO DI UN PRINCIPIANTE /DIARY OF A NOVICE (THURSDAY) Directed by Elia Suleiman The wanderings of director Elia Suleiman in a city that's foreign to him and feels hostile, punctuated by the voice of Fidel broadcast on television. EP. RITUALE/RITUAL (FRIDAY) Directed by Gaspar Noé Two girls on the beach exchange a kiss and are later discovered in bed by the parents of one of them. The parents therefore decide to perform a ritual to exorcise this love that they deem blasphemous. EP. DOLCEAMARO/BITTERSWEET (SATURDAY) Directed by Juan Carlos Tabio Mirta is a psychologist. Hard times have forced her to take a second job in a cake shop, where she is paid cash in hand. Her husband is an alcoholic and her daughter is a singer who is trying to escape from Cuba to go to Florida with her boyfriend. A blackout causes problems for Mirta, who must find some eggs. EP. LA FONTE/THE SOURCE (SUNDAY) Directed by Laurent Cantet Marta says she has dream about the Madonna. She says the Blessed Virgin needs a new altar. So everyone gets involved and they have a collection for the building fund.



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