Short Skin- I dolori del giovane Edo

Edoardo is seventeen years old, lives in Pisa and has a big problem with his genital member; the foreskin is too tight and prevents him from having se


Stories told by young and old men, gathered and questioned by the author-director who, at the opposite of Pier Paolo Pasolini (who was looking for the

Anime Nere

It’s certainly Munzi’s best movie.

Il resto della notte

Turin, Giovanni Boarin is a businessman from Brescia (Aurelien Recoing); he’s always into his job but can find time for a lover.


An Albanian 16 years old boy emigrated to Italy with his father, who wanted to build a new life.

Giacomo e Luo Ma

Giacomo is a boy with problems at school, in an oral test he doesn’t know how to answer to the teacher and his friend Luo Ma tries to help him but he

Il giovane favoloso

It’s the story of the great poet Giacomo Leopardi starting from his childhood in Recanati, with his brothers and his authoritarian father, Monaldo.

Noi credevamo

Domenico, Salvatore and Angelo are three young men who live in Cilento. We’re in the period of the Bourbon’s domination and repression, in 1828.

L'odore del sangue

Based on Goffredo Parise’s novel, written in 1979 but published posthumous in the Nineties.

Teatro di guerra

A Neapolitan theatre company decides to stage in Sarajevo, at the time of the siege, an Eschilo’s comedy, Seven against Thebes.




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