Amore Molesto

Delia lives in Bologna and is an illustrator.

Morte di un matematico napoletano

Renato Caccioppoli is a Pure Maths Professor at Naples University.


Fred is 54 year old and lives alone.

Il Verdetto

When his wife’s murderer is released due to a procedural error, Luc Segers will do everything in his power to stop it from happening.

Il pazzo

A plumber’s assistant, honest and idealistic Dima, devotes his free time studying to fulfill his dream of becoming an engineer.

La vita ci appartiene

Sarah is a determined girl who doesn’t go anywhere without her backpack and guitar. She gets in touch online with Philip, a boy her age.


Ispirato alla drammatica vicenda del giornalista Giancarlo Siani.


Virginia and Sara are fighting for custody over Claire, who was adopted by Virginia five years ago.

E' arrivato el tresero

During the rehearsals of a Pancho Amat’s concert, one of the most important Cuban treseros, you can reflect on his life and work’s aspects and in the

Memorie della mia anima

The film is about the Cuban musical movement Nueva Trova, born between the end of the Sixties and the first years of the Seventies, and through its ex




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