La leggenda di Colapesce

A boy, known in Naples as Colapesce because of his passion for the sea, is asked by the King to discover what treasures are hidden next to the three c

I ragazzi di Don Bosco

Don Bosco, having dedicated his life to helping children in need, has reached the end of his intensely-lived journey.

C’è qualcuno là fuori?

A boy lives locked in his room surrounded by his computer, phones and video games.


A young black man, rescued from a racist attack by a concierge, befriends a guy his own age who is a professional footballer.

Appunti sulla fine del mondo

In a world where time is in limbo, a group of young people flee from something unknown to them, each of them in their own way facing up to the possibl

Totò Memories - Il Museo del Principe Atteso da Vent'anni

"Totò Memories - Il Museo del Principe atteso da vent'anni" is a documentary investigation into the absence of a tangible reminder of


Titta is a cook in Chikù, an Italian-Roma restaurant where eight women from Scampia work.

Tempo Pieno

""Tempo Pieno" tells of an "extra-ordinary"experience in a state school.


In San Giovanni in Teduccio on the eastern outskirts of Naples, the sea is not visible, being masked by miles and miles of buildings.


The life of an elderly family in a provincial town is marked out by the usual rituals.




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