A lime tree leaf blown by the wind becomes a metaphor of love.


A chance encounter between a lawyer and a renowned scholar at a Dracula convention inflames the horrifying memories of the former, involving cats, dar

La smorfia

After suffering a stroke that has left his face in a paralysed grimace, elderly Neapolitan singer Carmine is now wheelchair bound for life.


Taking the ancient legend of the Monaciello (little monk) as recounted by Matilde Serao, this is the legend from the point of view of the mother of th

Ricordami per sempre

Maria is an elderly widow. Since the loss of her husband, she herself has lost the desire to go on living.

Questa strana storia

In a series of allegorical images, the love story of a man and a woman unfolds.

Marco Risi, Libero De Rienzo e Andrea Purgatori (intervistati da Federico Monga)

 Intervista a cura di Federico Monga - vicedirettore de Il MattinoCinema Metropolitan Mercoledì 30 settembre 2015 h 21,00

Ottavia Madeddu

 Cinema Metropolitan  Mercoledì 30 settembre 2015

Sergio Assisi

 Cinema Metropolitan Martedì 29 settembre 2015 h 21,00

Per un’ora d’amore

Naples. Pasquale survives doing odd jobs in his neighbourhood. He must now come to terms with the loss of the person dearest to him: his wife.




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