Gli uraniani

Gli Uraniani tells a tragically contemporary story.


Fefè has an unassuming but pleasant family scenario, with a beautiful wife and a six year old daughter.

L'ultima partenza

The film tells a story of the relationship of two women and a little girl, marked by a loss in the family.


The 1950s. A fabulous Vico Equense is the unrivalled backdrop to an impossible love story.


A scientist loses his girlfriend in a car accident.

Onora il padre e la madre

A young boy, Vincenzino, confesses in church. He tells the priest of a event that has deeply marked his life – a gesture of love for his sick mother.

O’ Marchese – The Story of a Homeless

O 'Marchese - The Story of a Homeless, is a journey into the world of homeless people.

Nessuno vuole più morire

Night. 4:45 a.m. A determined photographer dispassionately seeks to capture the essential animal nature of cats.


Liza is thirty years old, but looks less. She is tall and very thin. Her big brown eyes are adorned with black makeup. Liza hates almost everything.

Ivan e il suo strano tempo

Inspired by the novel by Demianovich Piotr Ouspensky, "The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin," this is the story of Ivan, a lover of life who los




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