Jazz & Movie: Ultimo Tango a Parigi (sonorizzazioni di Javier Girotto e Francesco Nastro)

Since the beginning the Napoli Film Festival has supported and worked alongside with the Jazz & Movie event, now in its fourth year and directed by Cesare Settimo. This year, the collaboration becomes even closer, allowing our schedule to include the event that will take place at the Teatro Diana on 3 November. A visual and musical creation based on LAST TANGO IN PARIS by the great Bernardo Bertolucci. A big opportunity to once again enjoy the director's visual genius with a new and original soundtrack that still reminds us of the compositions of Astor Piazzolla. These are the factors that give rise to the event: It was 2012 when Javier Girotto and Francesco Nastro came together under the wing of the authoritative CAM JAZZ label to record the album Passione, a rich, textured work that feeds on myriad influences from symphonic rock, classical and to different jazz variants. Although it sings the praises of the virtuosity of the two artists, its expressive palette includes overwhelming surges and plunges into the denser energy of the feelings evoked distinctly in every song. The sound is projected in a wide range of interior colours, in variegated shades of red, and in all the possible variations of Passion. And it was precisely by following the undercurrent of irrational emotions that in 2013 Cesare Settimo, Artistic Director of the historic Naples event Jazz & Movie had the idea of creating a backdrop of evocative images with which the incessant emotional transposition of the album could identify, with inevitable reference to the film that today is still one of the most powerful signifiers of irrational love: Last Tango in Paris by Bertolucci.  3 Novembre -Teatro Diana posto unico 12 euro - ore 21,30    




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