Alain Resnais

Alain Resnais

Born in Vannes, in Brittany, on June 3, 1922 and died in Paris on March 1, 2014. From a bourgeois family, the father is a pharmacist and themother pushes him to have himself a culture in every field. Just 14 yo makes the first short film The Adventure of Guy. He enrolled at the IDHEC in Paris, the film school. After appearing as an actor in a film by Marcel Carne 'he directed Gerard Philippe in a 1946 film. Two years later he is nominated to the Academy Awards for a documentary about the painter Van Gogh. His career then continued on that path until he directed the first fiction film, Hiroshima mon amour, which immediately becomes a case. It remains in the experimentation with the second feature film, Last year in Marienbad, the screenplay is written by Alain Robbe-Grillet who will become a director himself. Later he leaves the cryptic style to meet the great audience. To mention, Muriel and Stavinsky with Jean-Paul Belmondo. In 1977, however, he directed another difficult and psychological film, Providence with Dirk Bogarde followed by another 1980 experiment, Mon oncle d'Amerique with Gerard Depardieu. After two dramatic films with Fanny Ardant, Life is a bed of roses and Love unto death and a film acclaimed by the critics Smoking / No smoking goes to the comedy up to the 2000s and often musical a bit to Jacques Demy. Same Old Song and Not on the Lips are an example. The last film is screened in Berlin the year of his death in 2014, Life of Riley.



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