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19 giorni di massima sicurezza

di Enzo De Camillis (Ita, 2009, 12') mar 8 The film is based on a true story, an unresolved legal case experienced by Enzo De Camillis and abov

30 Denari

di Francesco Capaldo (Ita, 2010, 4') dom 6 What would be today's value of the 30 pieces of silver Judas received for his betrayal of J

Ali di carta

di Francesco Caracciolo (Ita, 2009, 17') dom 6 Alessandro carefully folds an aeroplane plane that will end up in his origami collection.

Ananke: the perfecta metropolis

di Alfredo Mazzara (Ita, 2009, 16') dom 6 The near future: in the perfect city of Ananke, a man is accused of the murder of a woman, but he reme


di Danilo Caputo (Ita, 2009, 14') sab 5 Twenty four hours in the life of Vassyl, a young Ukrainian musician.


 di Giovanni Esposito e Francesco Prisco (Ita, 2009, 15') mar 8 Vincenzino suffers from an unusual growth condition that makes him age a year e

Buon compleanno, mamma!

di Daniele Santonicola (Ita, 2009, 11') dom 6 It's an important day for Miriam, a charming girl of eight years: today is her mother

Canto di Natale

di Marco Chiappetta (Ita, 2010, 22') sat 5 Naples.


di Michele Pagano (Ita, 2009, 5'20'') mon 7 Even torn petals were fl owers.

Come Seta nel Vento

di Gabriele Marino (Ita, 2010, 5') mon 7 The poetry of Beatrice Monti and the sounds of Vivaldi's Summer accompany this tale of a woman

Direzione Obbligatoria

di Mimmo Mancini (Ita, 2009,16') sat 5 A convict tries to make up for the errant ways of his youth: a life of violence and robbery.

Disoccupate. Per amore solo per passione

di Cinzia Mirabella (Ita, 2010, 11') mon 7 A woman – an actress – who attempts to create within her microcosmic reality the

Domenica m'innamoro

di Angelo Mozzillo (Ita, 2009, 9') mon 7 Of all the places in which to court a girl, a church is perhaps the least suitable...


di Gemma Iuliano (Ita, 2009, 5') mon 7 A lugubrious old man collects objects found in the street to put them to new use by making new things fro

La fine

di Antonella Palmiero e Stefano Sabia (Ita, 2010, 14') mon 7 A young scientist is convinced that a terrible event is about to take place...


di Enzo Pizza (Ita, 2010, 6') mon 7 The theme of this short is violence against women, represented by four categories: assisted, undergone, prod

Il fuoco di Chiara

di Anna Troise (Ita, 2010, 10') sat 5 Chiara, a young girl with a long-time fascination with fire, moves from the provinces to the city.

Gennarino Esposito...napoletano!

di Fabio Massa (Ita, 2010, 15') tue 8 The fi lm gives a comic account of the talent and ingenuity in getting by as practiced so famously by the


di Paky Perna (Ita, 2009, 5') sun 6 A young couple go through an experience that leaves an indelible mark on their lives...


di Antonello Novellino e Antonio Quintanilla (Spa/Ita, 2010, 15') sat 5 In a sleepy village, life proceeds according to the rhythm of the seaso


di Giovanni Mazzitelli (Ita, 2009, 12') sun 6 A kid locked in a room with no way out knows nothing of himself and waits to see what his fate is.


di Aniceto Fiorillo (Ita, 2009, 10') mar 8 Between pimps, phone sex lines and mental blocks, Gigino's friend is always a friend.

Il ladro di sogni

 di Antonio Ruocco (Ita, 2010, 30') sun 6 Rosa is a young mother who lives with her father Giovanni, her brother Luca and his son Emanuele.

La legge di Klya

 di Alessandro De Cristofaro (Ita, 2010, 20') sun 6 In the imaginary country of Klya, a law is passed: no one will ever die alone again.

Lontano nei miei occhi

A man's violence against his wife. All before the terrified gaze of their child.


di Fabrizio Livigni (Ita, 2009, 7') tue 8 Naples.

My little piece of Naples

di Antonio Borriello (Ita, 2009, 5') sat 5 Naples and its problems: you mustn't give in to the constant griping of those who don't kno

Nella rabbia una speranza

di Leonardo De Blasiis (Ita, 2009, 4') lun 7 The film describes a young person's rage agains this city, Naples, the focus of his love but a

Non fermarti!

di Giuseppe Bucci (Ita, 2009, 7') dom 6 A man runs through the grey city streets following something that all those he meets on his path have al

Non ti conosco abbastanza

di Cristiano Luchini (Ita, 2010, 7') mon 7 We think we are refl ecting when we are merely reshuffl ing our prejudices.

Un'offerta per la festa

di Fabio Mollo (Ita, 2008, 16') sun 6 A remote Campania village celebrates its patron saint.

Oggi gira cosi'

 di Sydney Sibilia (Ita, 2010, 17') mon 7 The story recounts the bizarre day of Gianni, a Latin and Greek teacher who suffers from bad nerves,

Il passaggio

di Roberto Bontà Polito (Ita, 2009, 5') sun 6 A gang of kids playing on the street and a young down-and-out with shamanic powers that can heal t

Un pazzo indietro

di Ferdinando Carcavallo (Ita, 2009, 5') mon 7 Strong is the knowledge of having someone close to us who is completely different, someone who ob


di Riccardo Marchese (U.S.A., 2010, 15') tue 8 H is a former drug addict doing his best to stay straight.

Raising a Veil

di Riccardo Marchese (U.S.A., 2009, 20') tue 8 A boy and girl experience the last days of life on Earth.

La Sagra della Primavera

di Giovanni Prisco (Ita, 2010, 7') sab 5 With the arrival of spring in the sleepy southern Italian countryside, a man prepares to sacrifice a li

Seconda Attività

di Salvatore Polizzi (Ita, 2010, 8') tue 8 Saverio, a promising actor, is shooting a scene but he just doesn't seem to be able to satisfy t

Shared Lands. Seeing the invisible

di Dante Manchisi (Ita, 2010, 14') dom 6 The third episode of the surreal travels of Mr.Max where the protagonist undergoes a special regressive

Il Soffio Della Terra

di Stefano Russo (Ita, 2009, 15') lun 7 Nicola has been bedbound for a few years now.

Sounds of life

di Michele Salvezza (Ita, 2010, 4') sab 5 Cristina loves the sounds of life Watch the video

Stato privato

di Luigi Marmo (Ita, 2009, 14') mon 7 Italia 2009. What good is freedom without justice?


di Loris Arduino (UK, 2009, 1') sat 5 A little girl, about to make her fi rst independent decision, follows her instinct.

Terrible Truth

di Angelo Papasso e Giuseppe Papasso (Ita, 2009, 20') mon 7 Eddie, his girlfriend Sara and his loyal pal Tony successfully rob wealthy villas.

Ultimo Capitolo

di Filippo Filetti e Fabio Cotta (Ita, 2009, 15') sab 5 A hotel room.

Video 01.avi

di Gianfranco Esposito (Ita, 2010, 3') mon 07 In December 2006 a video camera was found in a hotel room.

La vita accanto

di Giuseppe Pizzo (Ita, 2009, 28') sat 5 The Camorra seen through the eyes of a child.



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