La donnaccia

Mariarosa is a prostitute who returns to her village because of the warrant.

Fuoco nero

Bruno is the jockey of Black Fire, a very competitive horse, and is married to Maria.


In the late 90’s squalid town of Nalchik, a poor young jewish couple is kidnapped and a grievous ransom is demanded, as bitter resentments and cruel d


It’s the story of Roberto, a university student in a university where professors sell exams, they hire only friends and relatives and they are incline

Nosferatu - Live

Based on the novel by Bram Stoker, it tells the story of Thomas Hutter, an employee of a real estate agency in a German village.

Scherza con i fanti

The documentary wants to be both a tragicomic journey into the recent history of Italy and a universal hymn to peace, but above all it proposes itself

La freccia del tempo

Raffaele loves two things in life: Alice and ...


It is the story of a 60yo woman, married forty with Igor from Slovenia. Their bond has survived negative moments that have cooled their marriage.

Il Signor Diavolo

Early 50s. Furio, a Roman official of the Ministry of Justice, has in his hands a regrettable and delicate case of murder.

Dance Again with Me Heywood!

It is a fairy tale set in contemporary Manhattan between pure fiction and documentary.




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