Hiroshima mon amour

A brief anti-conventional and intense love story built as a long conversation break in fragments over a 36-hour long period between a Japanese archite

Fino all'ultimo respiro

Michel Poiccard s a youthful delinquent who models himself to the actor Humphrey Bogart.

Ascensore per il patibolo

Florence Carala and Julien Tavernier are lovers who plan to kill Florence's husband, Simon Carala, a wealthy industrialist who is also Julien

Il presidente

The president of Argentina, Hernán Blanco, is facing a very important decision.

Il mio capolavoro

Arturo is an unscrupulous art dealer and Renzo his socially-awkward painter and longtime friend.

Un giorno all'improvviso

Antonio, a boy not yet of age, has a passion for football and hopes one day to become famous as a player in an important team.


Just out of High School, Lavinia, Carla and Danila leave for a yachting holiday.

Ed è subito sera

Three boys whose lives intersect, and one in particular, the story of Dario Scherillo, who was killed by the Camorra in real life.

Bob & Marys – Criminali a domicilio

Marisa and Roberto, are married and with a daughter who is close to marriage.

La guerisseuse

To the outskirts of Khouribga, a city next to a mine of phosphate, the trains full of mineral toxic they travel night and day between the mines and th




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