El olivo

From Paul Laverty (screenwriter for Ken Loach) the story of Alma, a girl who lives and works in the family farm determined to follow the tradition of

Nato a Casal di Principe

Amedeo Letizia is a 20yo boy who moved to Rome from Casal di Principe at the end of the 80s to pursue his acting career.

The Constitution

The Constitution tells the story of Vjeko, a Croatian teacher dedicated to the history and language of his country.

Sámi Blood

Through a long flashback, Sámi Blood tells the story of the emancipation of Christina, who returns, for her sister's funeral, to her hometown in


Sasha, Romeo, Cosma and Gilda are the four sons of Victor Anghelescu, with whom they meet for a quiet family dinner.

Home Care

Vlasta is a home care nurse in a small town in Moravia.

The Swan

In contemporary rural Iceland, a nine-year-old rebel child, Sól, is sent to the farm of a distant relative, to work and mature, according to the tradi

In the Aisles

After losing his job as a bricklayer, Christian starts working as a forklift operator in a supermarket.

Elvis Walks Home

The dream of "Mickey Jones" is to become the most famous imitator of Elvis Presley in the world.

Chi salverà le rose?

Giulio Santelia is an old man, a professional poker player, forgetting his lawyer profession and dedicating all himself to a love affair with Claudio




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