di A.A.V.V. (Ita, 2007-08, 80'); Lun 15 h 16.00
di A.A.V.V. (Ita, 2007-08, 80'); Lun 15 h 16.00
"668" is a sensation. A journey within travel itself. An everyday story that can be explored from different perspectives. It is a local train with only two carriages, and we see it from the outside only by shooting its stand-in model. This, alternated with shots of the train interior, seeks to impart something of a visionary dimension to the journey. For the young people of these places, that little train leads towards the metropolitan dream, the new and the unknown.
EP. EL YUMA (MONDAY) Directed by Benicio Del Toro Teddy wants to become a famous actor, so he goes to Cuba to study acting. There he meets a guy called Anger, a taxi driver who is actually an engineer. Teddy ends up at a party where he gets drunk and gets off with a woman. But back at the hotel he sees her ID card – and realises she's a man. EP. JAM SESSION (TUESDAY) Directed by Pablo Trapero Film director Emir Kusturica is invited to Havana to receive an award. He gets drunk before the award ceremony and his driver helps him to smarten up.
Scoprendo di avere solo pochi giorni da vivere, Paolo decide di farla finita subito. Sotto di lui una città lontana e soleggiata. È pronto a saltare dal tetto di un edificio, ma non è solo. Anche Enzo è lassù, disperato e deluso da anni di cose non volute o non vissute. Un solo passo li separa dal vuoto. E in quell'ultimo istante il mondo laggiù, che sembrava essere solo indifferenza, appare improvvisamente così vivo... e puoi quasi sentirlo sussurrare la più antica e l'ultima di tutte le storie...
The film tells the story of some workers who, during a meeting about Union negotiations, try to figure out how to save their 200 fellow workers from being dismissed. The film shows 11 prominent women from various social classes and from North to South, who will join forces to oppose the ruling class and give themselves a chance for a better future. The film is inspired by the Academy Awards winner movie dated 1957 12 Angry Men directed by Sydney Lumet. Michele Placido takes on a contemporary adaptation by setting history in our country.
Sezione II di Alessandro de Cristofaro e Alessandro Abbate (Ita, 2008, 20') Gio 11 h 20.10




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