In a future society dominated by zombies, a "human" boy who suffers continuous victimisation and harassment ceaselessly searches for a way t

Di tutto, il nulla

The near future. Following a nuclear accident, some nations are forced to live by filtering the now contaminated air with purifiers and gas masks.

Un Amore da Schiappa

Tom is repeatedly beaten by bullies at school. One day one of them asks Tom to write a song for his girlfriend. Tom hands the song over to the bully.


The film tells of the hazardous story of love between two young people of different ethnicity.

Zero Waste – Napoli senza monnezza

A tragicomic journey through the city that I love but had to leave. Amidst the wonders of the most beautiful bay in the world, the best seafood in th


An enclosure fenced off with corrugated steel sheets – home to four hundred Roma people – has become a symbol of environmental disaster in Campania.


The Gaza Strip. An inexplicable event has occurred during the night: dozens of manta rays are stranded on the main beach of Gaza City.


Against the backdrop of the crisis, Solving looks at our country's history in the last few years from a strictly socio-economic point of view.

Il segreto

In many neighbourhoods of Naples the gathering of trees for the Sant’Antonio feast day bonfire is a tradition, a ritual, an adventurous game that stre

Segni invisibili

The starting point for a journey through the suburbs and other places, in search of the invisible signs that survive neglect and bad weather day after




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