Crema catalana

Two businessmen, two minors, a screenwriting course and creme brulee ...

La Ciofeca

Peppuccio Cristallo has just triumphed in the municipal elections.

Ciao Mamma

Young Maria's family are about to leave behind the degradation of the Vele housing project in Scampia and move to a new home in nearby Melito.


Carmine is ten years old and lives in the Spanish Quarter of Naples.

L’atto folle del Signor T

A patient in a mental health clinic, nicknamed "Mr. T". On his sixtieth birthday, he receives a special gift from his roommate: freedom.

A Ballad For Tex

A Ballad for Tex examines the relationship between cinema and theatre.

41° Parallelo

11 September 2001 - in Naples it's a day like any other, but an event is about to erupt that will be forever etched in the city's collective




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