Ritratti abusivi

Ritratti abusivi is the story of an Italian suburb and its inhabitants: the community of Parco Saraceno housing estate.

Posidonia. I fondali della Metropoli

Posidonia is a film that seeks to recount the relationship between the (humanised) coast of a metropolis and its seabed, and the industrialisation of

Ogni singolo giorno

Life in the "Terra dei fuochi/Land of fires" goes on every day; more than a million people live in the provinces of Naples and Caserta – are

Niente sogni dagli sconosciuti

This documentary short aims to shed light on the relational dysfunctions at the basis of psychological violence.

La malattia del desiderio

Naples Fuorigrotta. Against the backdrop of the San Paolo stadium, under the home team supporters' end is the ser.t.


Syrian youngster Bhuran Mousa Agha takes us into the heart of Lebanon to hear the testimony of his countrymen on the run.


Goran examines despair, joy, hope and also pride in achievement, through the work of Goran Gostojić of Novi Sad.

Enzo Tortora, una ferita italiana

Thirty years after the arrest of Enzo Tortora and the infamous media walk of shame that he was forced to suffer, and twenty-five years after his tragi

Diversa_Mente – un'esistenza outsider

"Diversamente" is a documentary that tells of the courage needed to choose in life.

Ciò che mi nutre mi distrugge – quod me nutrit me destruit

A centre for the treatment of eating disorders opens its doors for the first time, allowing access to psychotherapy sessions.




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