Christian Leperino: Landscapes of Memory (Paesaggi della Memoria)

Inaugurated in June 2012 at the Naples Archaeological Museum, the Christian Leperino exhibition "Landscapes of Memory" was an important epis

Ahora, No Aquí

There are memories that are impossible to pacify: those of the "now" and those of the "then", continually turned towards the past,

Il vicino

On the roof of a building, a lone, melancholic man ekes out a precarious existence and shelters from the scorching heat of the summer as best he can.

Gli uraniani

Gli Uraniani tells a tragically contemporary story.


Fefè has an unassuming but pleasant family scenario, with a beautiful wife and a six year old daughter.

L'ultima partenza

The film tells a story of the relationship of two women and a little girl, marked by a loss in the family.

Tacco 12

Miriam was an exemplary woman and mother. Then came group dancing and her life changed completely.

Santo Subito

A crook is unmasked ... only a miracle can save him


A scientist loses his girlfriend in a car accident.

Pop art

Gallery owner Arturo Marchesi is entangled in an unhappy affair with organised crime and wants to get out.




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