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Home Care

Vlasta is a home care nurse in a small town in Moravia.


Sasha, Romeo, Cosma and Gilda are the four sons of Victor Anghelescu, with whom they meet for a quiet family dinner.


Inspired by real events, Fixeur stages the Radu’s story, a young journalist who works as a apprentice in a newsroom in Bucharest, collaborating with a


Rich Austrian and German tourists knock down zebras and giraffes in the reserves on the border between Namibia and South Africa.

Sámi Blood

Through a long flashback, Sámi Blood tells the story of the emancipation of Christina, who returns, for her sister's funeral, to her hometown in

Summer 1993

Summer 1993, chosen to represent Spain at the Academy Awards 2018.

The Constitution

The Constitution tells the story of Vjeko, a Croatian teacher dedicated to the history and language of his country.



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