Europa / Mediterraneo


Blue Queen

The "Blue Queen" is one of the most expensive diamonds in the world and naturally tempts many thugs; one night Yannis finds himself driving

Chi salverà le rose?

Giulio Santelia is an old man, a professional poker player, forgetting his lawyer profession and dedicating all himself to a love affair with Claudio

Holy Air

Adam is a Christian Arab living in Nazareth - member of a minority that is disappearing in the Holy Land and the Middle East.

The Swan

In contemporary rural Iceland, a nine-year-old rebel child, Sól, is sent to the farm of a distant relative, to work and mature, according to the tradi

Elvis Walks Home

The dream of "Mickey Jones" is to become the most famous imitator of Elvis Presley in the world.

In the Aisles

After losing his job as a bricklayer, Christian starts working as a forklift operator in a supermarket.



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