Concorso Cortometraggi


Concorso Cortometraggi 


41° Parallelo

11 September 2001 - in Naples it's a day like any other, but an event is about to erupt that will be forever etched in the city's collective

A Ballad For Tex

A Ballad for Tex examines the relationship between cinema and theatre.

A Ritmo Di Pioggia

In a Naples gray and melancholy of a gloomy day, a trickle of rain flowing on the face of one of the angels on the door of the facade of the church of

L’atto folle del Signor T

A patient in a mental health clinic, nicknamed "Mr. T". On his sixtieth birthday, he receives a special gift from his roommate: freedom.


Carmine is ten years old and lives in the Spanish Quarter of Naples.

Ciao Mamma

Young Maria's family are about to leave behind the degradation of the Vele housing project in Scampia and move to a new home in nearby Melito.

La Ciofeca

Peppuccio Cristallo has just triumphed in the municipal elections.

Crema catalana

Two businessmen, two minors, a screenwriting course and creme brulee ...

The Escape

A man tells a mysterious figure of how he managed to escape his pursuer and how his mission may change the destiny of mankind.


Naples, 2013. She is the woman who has everything but within her lurks a festering malaise.

How To Cure Hangover in April

How To Cure Hangover in April is the latest music video from director Francesco Lettieri.

Ivan e il suo strano tempo

Inspired by the novel by Demianovich Piotr Ouspensky, "The Strange Life of Ivan Osokin," this is the story of Ivan, a lover of life who los


Liza is thirty years old, but looks less. She is tall and very thin. Her big brown eyes are adorned with black makeup. Liza hates almost everything.

Il mio corpo a Maggio

This short film on the body emerged from a series of meetings conducted by documentarist Silvano Agosti.


et in a romantic Naples of years gone by, policeman Napoleon Esposito fights crime in his own way.

Nessuno vuole più morire

Night. 4:45 a.m. A determined photographer dispassionately seeks to capture the essential animal nature of cats.

No place like Oz

Dorothy, heroine of The Wizard of Oz, has become an alcoholic with serious mental problems. Her psychiatrist Dr.

Onora il padre e la madre

A young boy, Vincenzino, confesses in church. He tells the priest of a event that has deeply marked his life – a gesture of love for his sick mother.

Panta rei

Panta Rei is an experimental short film that mixes animation and live action. A drop of water in freefall for an infinitesimal second is frozen in su


Pinocchio has obtained a brilliant degree in modern literature.

Pop art

Gallery owner Arturo Marchesi is entangled in an unhappy affair with organised crime and wants to get out.


A scientist loses his girlfriend in a car accident.

Santo Subito

A crook is unmasked ... only a miracle can save him


The 1950s. A fabulous Vico Equense is the unrivalled backdrop to an impossible love story.

Si scassa o non si scassa

A furious, Hamletic Rosaria De Cicco shows that, unlike the head, the helmet doesn't get smashed.

Tacco 12

Miriam was an exemplary woman and mother. Then came group dancing and her life changed completely.

La terra del silenzio

A man walks with some flowers – a sad routine he enacts in a land marked by the silence of death.

L'ultima partenza

The film tells a story of the relationship of two women and a little girl, marked by a loss in the family.

Gli uraniani

Gli Uraniani tells a tragically contemporary story.


Fefè has an unassuming but pleasant family scenario, with a beautiful wife and a six year old daughter.

Il vicino

On the roof of a building, a lone, melancholic man ekes out a precarious existence and shelters from the scorching heat of the summer as best he can.


For a few days now Carlo has been staring out the window until late, gazing at a billboard that advertises exotic seas.

La voce del sangue

Naples, 1753. In his workshop, sculptor Giuseppe Sammartino is struggling against the fear of failure.

O’ Marchese – The Story of a Homeless

O 'Marchese - The Story of a Homeless, is a journey into the world of homeless people.



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